Sunday, March 11, 2012

The History Of Harvard And Stanford

Harvard was initially established in 1636 due to the benefactors of Boston, MA's State Legislature. Harvard is actually the oldest advanced schooling institution in the United States Of America. Amid their founders was a man known as John Harvard. Not long after Harvard's death the institute honored his name and named the area after his own educational institute after the well-known British School, Cambridge.
Stanford's founding meanwhile, was born of a father's love. Leland Stanford founded the school in remembrance of his son, Leland Stanford Jr. who passed away due to typhoid as a teenager. Stanford, a railroad tycoon, invested $40,000,000 to the institute. As if a indication of circumstances to occur, Stanford's first pupil had been Herbert Hoover. Hoover, who slept alone on campus that first night, would ultimately go on to become leader of the United States.
Over the course of the 20th century Harvard's international reputation developed. This was due to the growth of the student population, financial endowment and prominent lecturers. Radcliffe College, established in 1879, would become the sister school of Harvard and the most prestigious school for women in the US.
Interestingly, Stanford began as 'co-ed'. However, soon reviewed the decision after an overwhelming number of female applicants. Jane Stanford limited the number of female enrollments to just 500 before the number was revised to 3:1 until the 1960's. Today, no gender discrimination is in place.
The esteem and respect for these bodies is in no small part due to the galaxy of famous alumni who've shaped the planet.
Harvard, for example, has managed to graduate 8 United states Presidents, such as Obama and Bush, Seventy five Nobel Laureates as well as Sixty four active billionaires including the earths most youngest, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is actually a member of Silicon Valley, alongside Stanford university in Palo Alto.
Among Mark's neighbors are past Stanford learners, Dave & John, also referred to as Hewlett Packard and, after that ofcourse, there's Google. Stanford students, both past and present, make up the center of these technological and commercial titans.
As a sidenote, the following stars of Hollywood have passed through Stanford and Harvard respectively. They include Reese Witherspoon, Ted Danson and Sigourney Weaver for Stanford. While Elizabeth Shue, Tommy Lee Jones, Natalie Portman and, of course, Good Will Hunting's Matt Damon attended Harvard.
So what are your prospects of becoming a member of these educational icons then? This season only 6% of 36,36 Thousand applicants were approved to Harvard, while 7% were given the distinction of signing up for Stanford's elected few.
Interestingly, both Harvard and Stanford admit a significant number of foreign students, with Harvard's as high as 1 in 10. Of these pupils all our eligible for educational funding. Harvard bests counterpart Stanford right here, by using a school funding account of over $172 million for its learners.

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