Sunday, March 4, 2012

Digital Media Courses Bring a Fresh Approach to Film Schools

Film school is a place to explore the medium of film, discover new ways of looking at the world, and develop the movie-making skills required to create your own masterpiece. But hand-in-hand with the development of your creative vision comes the need to master the tools of film production. Digital media courses provide those necessary skills.
Digital media skills are becoming increasingly in demand by film and television production companies. While the ability to create visual pieces through traditional film making methods is still highly valued, these production companies now require film makers who can utilise more modern tools of the trade.
Tools such as computer multimedia, digital editing and design suites, internet and web based video channels, even smart phone applications, are commonly used by today's film production units. Without a thorough understanding of these new media tools, film school graduates will struggle to find work. Many audio-visual careers now involve working with internet-based platforms, such as creating online videos for websites and smart phones. Even in traditionally analogue industries like film and television, most production studios now use modern digital equipment and expect their production team to be able to utilise these tools efficiently.
A good film production school will offer digital media courses that enable students to become proficient in these new media production tools.
What can students expect from digital media courses?
Considering the highly competitive and ever-changing nature of the film production industry, students of digital media courses should have a good grounding in the following areas of study:
  • Digital photography composition and production
  • Digital audio mixer controls and lighting rig systems
  • Using high-definition digital cameras for filming
  • Adding backdrops to scenes using digital green screen techniques
  • Editing film on digital editing software
  • Stylising and colour grading images using graphics applications
What can students expect from their film school experience?
In addition to becoming experts in the technical aspects of their work, a good film school should provide students with the opportunity to learn about the more timeless aspects of their craft.
Developing a love of film and appreciating the different genres, styles and methods of great film making is just as important as understanding the tools and techniques of film production.
A good film school should teach students about theories of film and help them to develop an understanding of industry practices. Other aspects of study should include:
  • Media industry awareness
  • Ethical and legal media issues
  • Health and safety on production sites
  • Script writing for film and TV
  • Researching, recording and presenting information
Upon completion of study, a digital media courses graduate should have a film reel which demonstrates their mastery of digital media production tools as well as their professional filmmaker's eye for style and design.

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