Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make That Dorm Bed More Comfortable

When it comes to buying bedding for a dorm there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Dorm bedding is usually best bought all together in a set. When packing away for college it is best to keep everything compact and tucked away because there is a lot of stuff to take along. Buying bedding separately can make it harder to know where everything is and to keep it contained. Instead of buying pillow cases, sheets, and comforters separately it is easier to buy it all together in what is known as a "bed in a bag."
Bed in a bag sets provide sheets, pillow cases, and a comforter all packed together in a clear bag so it is convenient to see the contents of what is inside. The college student and parent can be sure that all of the bedding has been packed because it was bought that way. The Bed in a Bag is also convenient because everything is made to match in a set so it will look coordinated and one can be sure that everything will be the same measurement.
Another aspect to think about in order to choose the best dorm bedding is the size of the dorm bed. Many dorm beds are very small ranging from about a twin size to a full size. It is important to know what size the bed is before purchasing the bedding to make sure it will fit nicely on the bed. Be sure to call the dorm and find out what size the bed is before purchasing the wrong size bedding.
Another great idea for dorm bedding is to buy a mattress topper with extra down or a memory foam mattress topper. Dorm mattresses can be extremely thin and the beds themselves are not at the height of comfort. It is easy to add an extra layer of comfort to the thin dorm mattress with a cushioned mattress topper. Mattress toppers are very easy to put over the bed as they lay flat on top of the mattress and some of them attach securely over the mattress like a fitted sheet.
This same comfort of adding comfort to the dorm bed applies to pillows as well. Be sure to bring along some extra down or memory foam pillows so the head will have a nice comfortable cushion to sink into. A comfortable pillow can make a huge difference in getting a comfortable night's sleep.


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