Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Moveable Grind: Careers That Revolve Around Metal Work

Welders are trained experts who merge pieces of metal or thermoplastic together for building, construction, and sculpting purposes. The process of merging materials together can be done in several different ways, but will invariably involve the application of heat. The sources of heat that can be used depend on the welder, the project at hand, and the materials that are being coalesced. Typically, however, heat is applied through an open gas flame, arc discharge, electromagnetic radiation, and friction, just to name a few.
If we stop to think about the various constructions that require welding, it quickly becomes clear how many different working environments welders can choose from. From ground-level environments, such as factories, construction sites, aviation or automobile manufacturers and repair shops, to underwater tasks, such as repairing or building ships and pipelines. There are many different work environments that welders can choose from.
Steamfitters hone a completely different craft than welders, however, welding is still a huge part of their skill set. The focus of a steamfitter's work is on pipes (explaining why steamfitters are also referred to as pipefitters). Working with piping systems requires a great level of specialized expertise. In order to properly execute the task at hand, steamfitters will need to consult a variety of blueprints, layout plans, and technical provisions before launching the project. From there, the steamfitter will decide which tools and materials are best suited for the pipe assembly or repair, and will then begin to map out the estimated progress of the project.
A steamfitter's job is very technical, and requires a variety of different skills, including but not limited to, precise measuring, welding, soldering, cementing, and being able to handle a wide range of power tools and machinery. Most employers will require applicants to have completed a steamfitter apprenticeship or certification program before being hired.
Sheet metal
Sheet metal is made from various types of metal, including steel, aluminum, silver, copper and gold. Although not immediately obvious, sheet metal is widely used, and can be seen in everything from art pieces to roof tops. Much like steamfitters, sheet metal workers also need to be able to read and interpret intricate blueprints and design plans in order to successfully carry any given project. incorporate welding into their trade.
A sheet metal worker apprenticeship program will most likely introduce students to the various ways sheet metal workers handle the material, both of terms of the ways metal is formed (i.e. bending, rolling, ironing) and the energy source used to form it (i.e. laser cutting, drilling, shearing).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To Get Into MIT

MIT admission requirements are very different from that of other educational bodies. When applying to get into Harvard or other rivals, students are asked to fill out the Common Application, MIT has its very own procedure. Whilst other bodies will ask applicants to write an essay, MIT will ask you to write a number of essays. The interview at other institutes has no bearing on your acceptance, at MIT it could be essential. Let's discover this in a bit more detail.
The Common Application is appropriately titled. For it is the common set of student forms used by more than 4 hundred education bodies around the US. At MIT though, you will be asked to go through a unique process and create an MIT account.
Maybe you adore writing. Perhaps you do not. Maybe you have read the classics and may recite Dickens. Equally you may barely able to barely recite the headlines of yesterdays tabloids. In any case, you'll need to understand just what MIT expects from you. MIT has its own unique process for assessing students. Right here you'll be provided a series of 'essay prompts' or questions, and you'll be asked for your interpretation.
Whilst students dread the admissions interview, it is usually not justified. At Harvard, for example, the procedure is a mere formality. Not at MIT. MIT has Educational Counselors around the globe. These are volunteers and alumni who'll meet you at your nearby library or while having a cup of coffee to discuss your application. If there's no one inside your locality a Skype call will be enough.
MIT stats reveal just 1.4% of those that pass-up the interview are offered acceptance. Do the essentials, take the right steps to make sure your voice is heard.
Entering MIT isn't like warming-up for American Idol. There are no scowling ego's sat behind a desk sneering at a missed note. They're former students who'd like to witness a shining application. They want outstanding students who they will be proud of approve. MIT has an extraordinary history. Ask yourself, are you really capable of succeeding America's elite? If not, it's time to change your approach.
Getting Into MIT will alter the course and direction of your life. It will impact your career and you'll make lasting friendships. How much is the that worth to you?
Ensure you prepare. Do yourself justice. Be that 1 in ten.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make That Dorm Bed More Comfortable

When it comes to buying bedding for a dorm there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Dorm bedding is usually best bought all together in a set. When packing away for college it is best to keep everything compact and tucked away because there is a lot of stuff to take along. Buying bedding separately can make it harder to know where everything is and to keep it contained. Instead of buying pillow cases, sheets, and comforters separately it is easier to buy it all together in what is known as a "bed in a bag."
Bed in a bag sets provide sheets, pillow cases, and a comforter all packed together in a clear bag so it is convenient to see the contents of what is inside. The college student and parent can be sure that all of the bedding has been packed because it was bought that way. The Bed in a Bag is also convenient because everything is made to match in a set so it will look coordinated and one can be sure that everything will be the same measurement.
Another aspect to think about in order to choose the best dorm bedding is the size of the dorm bed. Many dorm beds are very small ranging from about a twin size to a full size. It is important to know what size the bed is before purchasing the bedding to make sure it will fit nicely on the bed. Be sure to call the dorm and find out what size the bed is before purchasing the wrong size bedding.
Another great idea for dorm bedding is to buy a mattress topper with extra down or a memory foam mattress topper. Dorm mattresses can be extremely thin and the beds themselves are not at the height of comfort. It is easy to add an extra layer of comfort to the thin dorm mattress with a cushioned mattress topper. Mattress toppers are very easy to put over the bed as they lay flat on top of the mattress and some of them attach securely over the mattress like a fitted sheet.
This same comfort of adding comfort to the dorm bed applies to pillows as well. Be sure to bring along some extra down or memory foam pillows so the head will have a nice comfortable cushion to sink into. A comfortable pillow can make a huge difference in getting a comfortable night's sleep.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Keep Social at College While on a Student Budget

In general, being a starving student and having a social life doesn't seem to go hand in hand. This does not have to be the case! You can have tons of fun when not cramming for exams, researching for papers or studying. All it takes is a little creativity and opening up your mind to exciting opportunities for adventure and relaxation. We've got some great tips up our sleeves to stir some ideas and give you the opportunity to have some real fun without having to worry about breaking the bank.
Tip #1 Enjoy the Outdoors
Do not underestimate your surroundings! Even if you are not the outdoorsy type, if you are gifted with nature's playground surrounding you, give it a go and explore some of the many trails in your area. If hiking isn't your thing, try setting up a camping trip with your friends. Splitting the costs of the camp site rental for the weekend along with splitting the costs of supplies can be a great getaway from stress and gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and your friends without the interference of the internet, smart phones etc. In this day in age it is important to "unplug" once in a while to rejuvenate.
Tip# 2 Dinner & A Movie: Budget Friendly Style
Heading out to a movie and dinner these days can be quite pricey especially if you throw popcorn and snacks into the equation. You can have just as much fun or even more fun by holding your own "movie night" at your own place. Rent a movie you think your friends will enjoy and have everyone bring their own snack for everyone to share. You can even set a theme night by tying in the food with the type of movie.
Tip #3 Head to the Museum
If you have a keen interest in art and history, check out your local museum! Not only will educate yourself, but exploring new and old works of art can be interesting and exciting. Many museums offer a discounted admission during the week.
Tip #4 Hold a Spa Party
As much as you would love to sign up for a pampering spa, it can be relaxing but super expensive - why not throw your own spa party? Have all of your girlfriends bring spa tools such as nail files, massage oils, towels and nail polish and practice your techniques on each other. Why not throw in snacks and a chick flick to go along with it? This option can be much more entertaining!
Tip #5 Check out Free Events
Check your local listings for upcoming events in your town or city. Depending on the population of your town, the amount of events being held may vary. However if you check your community newspaper and city websites through social media, surely there are many free events happening in the summer whether they be cultural events, free concerts, outdoor movies etc.